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A fashion marketer is an important aspect of the fashion industry. This is the marketer who works with others in the field, such as designers, artist and CEOs to create and market new merchandise.

A fashion marketer is an important aspect of the fashion industry. This is the marketer who works with others in the field, such as designers, artist and CEOs to create and market new merchandise.

Consumers generally consider the global fashion industry to be the retail sale of apparel around the world. However, the industry, as a business, is much broader and includes not only clothing, footwear and accessories, but the natural textiles and man-made fabrics from which they are produced, as well as manufacturing, importing and exporting, marketing and promotion, wholesale distribution, retail and branding.


The global fashion industry is dependent on ever-changing trends that keep consumers, driven by the need to wear the latest, buying. However, this means that goods have a short shelf life, requiring manufacturers, designers and retailers to meet tight production schedules and distribution deadlines. This also gives trendsetters, such as celebrities, key roles in successful marketing and promotions.


In a global marketplace, the fashion industry is highly competitive. While parts of the developing world, such as the Asian-Pacific markets and Africa, are dominant in the manufacturing and export segments of the industry, even they are being squeezed out by neighboring China, which is claiming a majority stake by offering quality goods at cheaper prices.


Media images of the celebrity lifestyle, including what stars are wearing, and the touting of designer brands have retail consumers demanding access to the same styles. Clothes buyers are increasingly status-conscious and seek out the latest styles worn by cultural icons. This puts additional pressure on the industry while also providing new opportunity for growth.


The fashion industry is no longer solely dependent on “brick and mortar'' stores for sales. Opportunities for retail sales have expanded through e-commerce, which allows buyers to shop and purchase online. Marketing and promotion also are expanding with the growth of such media trends as social networking and use of technologies such as mobile devices and smart phone applications, which allow for shopping anywhere.


Product branding is an important part of gaining recognition and customer loyalty. This segment of the market, promoted by designers and fashion models, is among the most visible. It also presents greater challenges for lesser known product lines.


1) Fashion marketing is the process of analyzing, developing, and marketing current fashion trends into sales strategies according to Parson’s New School of Design.

2) Fashion marketers research current trends, the industry, people, including studying why trends are popular.

3) Fashion marketers help set up and ad campaigns based on their research, and ensure that the ad is geared towards the right group for the product.

4) A fashion marketer must act as a psychic.

5) The fashion marketer must read past and current trends, analyze the information to determine what will be the next big hit, and create the campaign before the trend hits the market.

6) The fashion marketer must have a sense for business and must determine what styles and trends will generate the most profit, and which ones are the most marketable.


Those with a fashion marketing degree will be prepared for a job in the fields: fashion buying, store management, advertising, and styling for the media, promotion and public relations.

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